Cooperation with the Karko brand - 09.2021 - present

Industry: Fashion

copywriting, SEO and e-commerce


  • sales offer reached new customers on the Polish market

  • increased visibility of the e-shop in search engines

  • unification and improvement of content presented in the e-shop as well as the brand's website

copywriting, SEO and e-commerce


  • development and production of descriptions of new brand products

  • development and production of category descriptions for the online store

  • expansion and improvement of current content on the website

  • regular development and production of entries for the company blog

copywriting, SEO and e-commerce


  • sales offer reached new customers on the Polish market

  • increased visibility of e-shop products in the search results of Google and other search engines

  • purchasing decisions made easier thanks to detailed product and category descriptions

  • obtaining the position of an expert in the industry

Case study

Karko is one of the largest and most recognizable clothing brands on the Polish market, specializing in the production of women's plus size clothes. It was founded in 2008 as a local company, but over time it expanded and broadened the scope of its activities, amongst others by launching an online store. A clearly defined target group, 100% native production and an eye for details encouraged more and more women to choose Karko's clothes not only in Poland but also outside the country.

We were able to establish a fruitful cooperation with the Karko brand thanks to our extensive experience in the fashion industry and knowledge of the e-commerce market. With our background, we were able to develop category descriptions within the framework of a one-time project and afterwards develop product descriptions for the online store on a regular basis. Every month we improve or develop from scratch several dozen unique and effective product descriptions in Polish for the Karo brand. In addition, we also support the client in running their company blog, providing ready-made articles on a subject that is interesting for the customers of the brand.