Product descriptions for the marketplace

Online marketplaces are immensely popular among e-consumers, and more and more companies are opting to launch sales on such platforms. But how to conduct effective sales, stand out from thousands of sellers, and convince buyers to choose your product without spending a fortune on advertising? The answer - present it in such a way that the client starts dreaming of having it and cannot imagine life without. Here at e-multicontent, we create effective and unique product descriptions for the world's largest sales platforms. We work in various languages, adapting the content and form of descriptions to the specifics of a given market, the expectations of potential customers and the requirements imposed by the marketplace.

Invest in professional marketplace product descriptions, leave the competition behind and be discovered by thousands!

What makes us stand out from the competition?

We know what's going on in e-commerce

Selling products on the Internet is not only a fashion, but a business necessity. However, in order to be successful in the e-commerce market, just creating your own online store is usually not enough. The future is sales diversification and reaching customers through various channels, including popular sales platforms: Amazon, eBay, Allegro,, Cdiscount, as well as Facebook marketplace.

Product descriptions for the marketplace

Efficient descriptions are our specialty

The world of e-commerce is a place where we are in our element. This is why over the years we have specialized in creating content for online stores, and we have achieved true mastery in describing products. We know that in order to sell effectively, the product card must not only present the parameters, appearance and advantages of a given product, but also convey what is not visible in the picture - tactile, aroma and taste sensations. It must therefore address both the rational as well as the emotional side of the buyer.

We know the rules of the game on various marketplaces

There are several dozen large sales websites on the global market, and in addition, there are local equivalents in almost every country. When preparing our texts, we always follow the guidelines of a specific sales platform, adjust the length, form and content to the applicable standards. We know that the content created for Amazon will not meet the requirements of eBay, and will not be satisfied with an offer translation from Allegro, so we do not take shortcuts and create all content from scratch.

Copywriting for marketplace

Content for the marketplace optimized for SEO

Our content is SEO optimized

It is no secret, that even the best product description will not be effective if it does not contain the right keywords. When creating product descriptions, we always put a lot of emphasis on SEO. At the same time we make sure that key phrases are used in a natural way and subtly blend in with the entire content. As a result, we are able to achieve good quantitative results without compromising the quality of the product description.

We create unique descriptions in various languages

A perfect card and product presentation should contain all the necessary information, and also be precise, clear and understandable for the customer. This rule applies to all languages, therefore here at e-multicontent, we create content in the target language, taking into account the characteristics of the market and the sales channel and using the vocabulary actually used by customers. We say "no" to machine translations and we focus on creative native speakers who have copywriting skills, and are knowledgeable about marketing and consumer needs. We are currently preparing texts in over 30 different languages, but we haven't said our last word yet.

Copywriting for the marketplace

We know the needs of e-customers, because we are them ourselves

The e-multicontent team consists of not only experienced content marketers and copywriters, but also faithful Internet shopping enthusiasts. We value the convenience of such a solution. This is why most of us buy online much more often than in shopping centres. Our own experiences with e-stores and marketplaces allow us to improve the descriptions we create, because we know what we - as customers - expect from sellers and what content we miss the most on the web.

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