Audits and content strategies

Carefully planned, well thought out, and tailored to the recipient of content are one of the most important factors determining business success. Especially in the rapidly growing e-commerce industry, where every day new companies are created, ready to fight for the hearts and wallets of customers. So how do you get consumers to choose you and stay with you for longer? By showing them that your products are exactly what they need, and at the same time they connect them with your brand's similar values, approach to the world, and even a sense of humor. And this is where the content marketing strategy comes in, which provides answers to questions - what, where, when, and how to write on the web to reach exactly those audiences you care about the most.

Assign the development of a content strategy to experts to increase traffic to your website!

What makes us stand out from the competition?

We say “check”, that is, a mini content audit to start

At e-multicontent, we know how to create effective texts, which is why we offer each of our clients a free mini content audit at the beginning of the cooperation. In it, we indicate the elements that need the most urgent improvement, so you know where to start climbing to the top of the content.

Audits and content strategies

Find out where you stand with a full content audit.

An extended audit of content posted on your website, which includes both quantitative and qualitative content analysis, supplemented with SEO data (site visibility in search engines, duplicated content, poor link structure, empty subpages, etc.). By ordering such a report, you will learn, among other things: how customers might perceive your texts, whether they inspire trust and match queries in online search engines. As a result, you will have precise knowledge about the current level of your content. The extended audit will thus be a valuable source of information for your marketing department, serving as a basis for immediate corrective actions or the development of a long-term content marketing strategy.

Audit + personalized action plan = Strategy

In our agency, we know perfectly well that success is never a coincidence, but results from a good plan and its precise implementation. So if you want to take the topic of content seriously on your website or in the e-shop, entrust us with the preparation of a comprehensive content strategy. Such a document contains a detailed content audit, as well as a precise plan on how to improve your website step by step in terms of content. We are talking about, among others, personalized guidelines for texts or recommendations regarding link building, as well as goals to achieve, a schedule of activities (with specific topics of posts), and recommended places of content publication.

Content strategy

SEO content audits

We analyze, compare, and put ourselves in the shoes of the client.

The e-multicontent team consists of specialists from various fields, including marketing, webwriting, PR, SEO, coding and sales experts, which is why our content strategy is based on solid, substantive foundations. We conduct reliable analyses, use proven tools, compare competitors' behavior, and talk with potential recipients to better define the plan for future activities. In the process of creating a strategy, we also actively involve customers, because they know their company and its recipients best. We believe that talking to business owners and key employees has more power than just a dry, impersonal brief, which is why short workshops are an important element of our work, during which we create personas, and set goals and tone of voice for all communication.

We operate comprehensively, without half-measures

By commissioning us to prepare a content strategy for your e-shop, you can be sure that you will receive a document that will allow you to conduct content activities in an orderly and targeted manner. You will know exactly who is the recipient of your products, what information such a person needs, what language to speak to her, and where to post publications. In the strategy, you will also find hard data on the recommended type and length of texts, guidelines on their structure (headings, titles, formatting), and the content of key phrases. It will also include stylistic tips, and in the case of blog posts - specific topics to be discussed within a specific time frame. In short: you will receive a ready-made action plan for a minimum of 12 months (as agreed), which you will easily implement.

Website audit, online store audit

We are with you from start to finish.

A carefully prepared strategy, preceded by a solid content audit and competition analysis, sets a clear direction for content marketing activities. Such a document shows you in black and white what to do to make the content effective and attract new audiences to you. But what if you don't have the time, skill, or ability to execute the strategy on your own? Then you can fully entrust its implementation to us. We will be happy to make corrections on your site, and then we will create further texts following the guidelines and the set schedule. We will also monitor the situation on an ongoing basis and, if necessary (such as unforeseen market turbulence), make adjustments to the plan. Thanks to this, you will be sure that your website or e-shop is in good hands, and that the best specialists work on the implementation of the strategy.

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