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The best sponsored article delivered straight to you. Our sponsored articles are second to none!

The goal of every company is to reach the largest group of recipients with its offer, and there are various paths to choose from. One of them is content marketing in the form of sponsored articles i.e., one-of-a-kind texts, posted on portals and websites, attracting a large number of visitors, for a fee with meticulously selected topics. What is important, they are not typical advertising publications, but valuable, reliable content which is to subtly direct readers to a specific offer and create the image of a brand as an expert in a given field. But that's not all! Sponsored articles can include links to your own website and thus improve its visibility on the web and its position in search engines. And from here it is only one small step to reaching a new group of potential customers.

We pride our self in quality and correctness

Sponsored articles are content that should be of the highest quality, perfectly researched and written to the smallest detail. We are talking here not only about their content but also stylistics, spelling, punctuation and general coherence of the text. Our agency employs a team of experienced copywriters who constantly improve their workshop so that each text meets the strictest requirements of readers, and at the same time is classified by search engines as valuable and worthy of the title of professional texts. By commissioning us with writing and publishing a sponsored article, you can be sure that you will not receive a piece intrusive advertising text, but a subtle, non-invasive and maximally reliable content with an appropriate reference to your product or brand.

We effectively create the image of an expert

Customers more often choose products and services of companies they trust and which evoke positive associations in their minds. Sponsored articles, published on external websites, are a great way to create the image of a reliable and responsible brand that is an expert in its field. When working on each text, we interview the client, do a thorough research, compare various sources and verify all information so that the material is as up-to-date, reliable and factually correct as possible. In addition, we adapt the language and form to the target group and the nature of the website on which it will be published. As a result, readers receive interesting and valuable content from you, which translates into a better perception of the entire brand.

We create articles on various topics

When it comes to sponsored articles, selecting the right content for the target group and the website on which it will be published is the key to success. Here at e-multicontent, we are well aware of this. This is why we have a flexible approach to all content and - depending on the needs - we can edit the same text in various ways. We write classic articles discussing a bigger problem pointing to a product or service as the solution, we create interviews with the founders of the brand, and we also develop case studies. We also specialize in professional articles, that is texts containing quotes from experts as well as in ghost-writing i.e., excellent quality texts, written on behalf of our clients.

We provide services for all industries

The great power of sponsored articles is the fact that they appear in carefully selected places. On a portal, website or blog visited by potential customers of your brand or service. Quite often these are topic-specific or highly specialized websites, where there is no room for any errors or so-called red herrings. By deciding to cooperate with us, you can be sure that our content will be substantive and written in a professional manner, regardless of the industry you represent.For over 10 years of our activity, we have written hundreds of articles for various brands - from clothing and food producers, through the construction and installation sector, to IT, finance and medicine. We are reliable, we learn quickly and we are not afraid of even the most technically advanced topics!

We speak many languages

E-mutlicontent brings together excellent copywriters who are fluent not only in Polish, but also in many other languages. That is why we successfully prepare sponsored articles in English, German, Swedish, Lithuanian and Croatian. So, if you are looking for someone who will write a specialized medical text in Spanish, professionally describe a new IT service dedicated for the Balkan markets or bring the latest automotive solutions to recipients in Turkey, then you are in the right place! Currently, our team consists of native speakers from over 20 different countries who not only have a perfect command of their language, but also know the target market inside out, use specialized language and skilfully use their marketing knowledge. By entrusting us with writing a sponsored article in any language, you can be sure that you will receive a text of the highest quality.

We know SEO and won't hesitate to use it

The last, but not the least, advantage of our agency in the context of producing sponsored articles is the skilful application of positioning tools. Content published on popular, specialized and thematic websites has enormous SEO potential, and therefore the appropriate structure of the text, linking and reasonable saturation with key phrases is of utmost importance. When creating texts for our clients, we use the best tools and tips from experienced SEO experts on the market. As a result, the articles are appreciated not only by readers, but also by search engines. In other words: we combine substantive knowledge with activities valued by Google, such as heading form, paragraph length, bold or bullet points.

Entrust the preparation of sponsored articles to specialists and increase traffic on your site!

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