The decision to venture into foreign markets entails the need to prepare new language versions of your website, online store, or product descriptions for marketplaces. To expedite this process and reduce costs, many companies turn to AI or online translators. The result? The content is translated, but its quality is low, riddled with linguistic errors, and not tailored to the needs of the target customers. Fortunately, such content can easily be corrected and refined to linguistic perfection. Simply entrust us with proofreading, which is the verification and correction of content by a native speaker who knows the target market inside out.

Proofreading of translations by experienced native speakers.

What makes us stand out from the competition?


We verify, amend, and improve

Modern technology greatly facilitates business operations, but it has its limitations. In the case of AI and automated translators, this means the risk of linguistic and semantic errors, as well as a lack of understanding of the message context. Proofreading by an experienced native speaker is a simple and quick way to perfect content. Our translators not only correct common errors in the text but also eliminate language calques, smooth out awkward-sounding sentences, and adapt the language to the expectations and preferences of the target audience. 



We localise and optimise for SEO

The combination of machine and human is our way to perfect content in a foreign language. At e-multicontent, however, we don't limit proofreading to mere linguistic correction. While making amendments, our native speakers also ensure content localisation, taking into account formal and cultural differences (e.g., date format, holiday terms, sayings). We also naturally incorporate keywords defined for a specific target market. As a result, the content ranks higher in Google search results or on local marketplaces.


We work in many languages, Including their local variants

Customers in every country appreciate it when companies "speak" their own language. At e-multicontent, we're fully aware of this, which is why our team includes native speakers proficient in over 35 languages. Thus, we can verify texts for you not only in English, German, Spanish, or Czech but also in Korean, Arabic, or Bosnian. Moreover, we offer proofreading of content in local language variants, and often even in slang. This ensures that your content is always fully tailored to the needs of your target audience.


Multilingual content

Optimization of costs

We optimise costs while maintaining the highest quality

Foreign expansion equals expenses, so everyone looks for ways to optimise costs. The proofreading of foreign-language content by a native speaker is a solution that guarantees top-quality texts at a much lower price than traditional translations or copywriting. Additionally, we relieve you of the burden of coordinating content work for new target markets, as our project manager always oversees the execution of the order. You save time, money and get absolutely correct and market-tailored content for your online store or marketplace