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Since 2013, we have been actively supporting the e-commerce industry by preparing multilingual content for it. We have extensive experience in creating product descriptions and categories in Polish and in many foreign languages. We run company blogs, providing recipients with interesting information and building your position as an expert in the industry. We know the specifics of marketplace sales platforms, so the preparation of product cards and listings for your online store has no secrets for us. Our content is not only effective and pleasant to read, but also optimized for SEO, thanks to which your website will be better positioned in search engines.

We operate simultaneously in over 35 languages, delivering a package of ready-made texts at the same time. We deal with copywriting in a foreign language, as well as translations, localization and transcreation of content. Our content is tailored to the foreign client, thanks to which we break language barriers, making it easier for your online store to enter new markets.

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