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From SEO optimized descriptions of products through copywriting in various languages to running company blogs and online stores and creating content for their use. We are a multilingual content marketing agency specializing in web and content writing for the e-commerce industry.

If you need efficient product and category descriptions for your online store, interesting blog entries or engaging texts for your company's website, you have come to the right place! We create content in as many as 20 different languages, working simultaneously in each of them! This way you don't waste time translating - our professionals work on a complete set of texts in various languages at the same time.

We create e-multicontent for e-commerce: from product descriptions to content for blogs. In Polish and in various other languages.

Why work with us?

a team of experienced copywriters who know SEO and e-commerce

We are a team of experienced copywriters - native speakers with marketing knowledge.

SEO content for websites and online stores

We create and translate content in dozens of languages from scratch.

Translations in over 20 languages and SEO content marketing for websites

We create and implement a tailor-made content marketing strategy, coordinating all of its elements from start to finish.

Unique texts - SEO copywriting for websites

We create unique texts without duplicating content.

SEO content optimization - copywriting

We use the language of benefits, avoiding fixed phrases and clichés.

Experienced native speakers copywriters

Our characteristic feature is grammatical, stylistic and spelling accuracy in each language.

Multilingual team copywriting, copywriters seo

We adapt content to the requirements of a specific market and the characteristic features of recipients of a given country.

Product descriptions for websites - SEO

We perfectly know the specificity of e-commerce and marketplace.

content multilingualism for websites - seo copywriting

Our texts are SEO optimized, without compromising their quality.

copywriters from all over the world experienced in seo and e-commerce

We operate locally and globally.

What do our clients say about us?

opinions about our seo copywriting services

It was breath-taking! Standing ovations! The content is brilliant - you can see at first glance that they were created by a native speaker from America. These are probably the best texts we have received ever as far as American English content is concerned. You will surely hear from us again.

Paweł Kozłowiecki | Born To Fly

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Global retail sales in e-commerce 2015-2023.*

*Posted by J. Clement on March 19, 2020 at
Counted in billions of dollars.

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1. Cooperation background Bimago is one of the leaders of the Polish e-commerce industry in the field of interior decoration, offering posters, paintings and wallpapers of the highest quality. The company was founded in 2004 and within 15 years of its existence, has evolved from a small, local art studio into an international brand with a global reach. Bimago’s customers now have more than 30,00…


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Online sales is one of the most dynamically developing areas of the economy. People all over the world love online shopping, and the growing number of e-shops with it every month allows you to completely abandon visits to traditional supermarkets. If you run an online store, you know how much potential there is in e-commerce, but also how difficult it is to stand out from the competition.

Here at e-multicontent, we know the inside out of the e-commerce world, and we are more than happy to help you conquer it. First of all - we will prepare unique product descriptions for your online store in Polish, English, German and any other language. Secondly - we will develop SEO-optimized descriptions of categories and subcategories that will increase the visibility of your e-store on the web. Thirdly, we will take care of your blog by regularly publishing valuable and useful entries for your clients. Thanks to these activities, your position in search engines will go up and you will reach new customers for your products (on the Polish and foreign market), but what is more, you will also be able to enjoy the image of an expert in your industry and the status of a reliable, proven seller.

Contact us, and we will carry out a free initial content audit for you and propose content activities, that will help you succeed in the field of e-commerce.