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The cross-border strategy is gaining popularity, and companies do not stop and are storming new foreign markets. The key to success and reaching new audiences is to speak their language. This applies to any form of communication with the client – a matched website, product descriptions, and categories, blog entries, or social media posts, as well as the content of instructions, labels, or documents in a foreign language are basic tools for communication with a foreign client. At e-multicontent, we know perfectly well how high quality content affects the company's reception. If your actions omit the Polish market or you need fresh texts in foreign languages, multilingual copywriting comes to the rescue.

Translation of texts and articles - SEO, SEM, e-commerce, websites, online stores, copywriting

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Product and category descriptions in many languages

A team of experienced native speakers

Our team consists of copywriters from different parts of the world who are active in the e-commerce industry and know its specifics. When creating texts, native speakers rely on the given guidelines and their own experience, prevailing in a given country trends and language perception, sharpened to all nuances or cultural references. Thanks to this, the prepared content is not only correct and well optimized for SEO, but also naturally sounding, full of language benefits, and pleasant to receive for a foreign client. Do you need a creative approach and loose texts filled with references to pop culture? Or maybe specific and substantive blog posts? Rely on our team!

Experienced copywriters - translations, seo, copywriting in foreign languages, sem, e-commerce, websites, blogs
Multilingual copywriting, seo, texts and articles translation for websites, marketplaces and online stores

Multilingual and multithematic

We like challenges and we don't limit ourselves to one type of content. Although we have the greatest experience in product descriptions and categories, the use of keywords is everyday bread for us, and we speak the language of benefits daily, we do not close ourselves in a rigid thematic framework. For more than 10 years of activity, the multilingual e-multicontent team has prepared the content of websites, blog posts, social media posts, labels, catalogs… in a word – everything that every company, operating both online and offline, needs! We are not afraid of technical topics, full of specialized language, or texts addressed to highly specific groups of recipients. We are active in the construction, fashion, interior design, automotive and service industries. Each new topic is a copywriting challenge for us, which we are happy to take up.

Product and category descriptions in multiple languages

They provide the customer with all information about the offered item or service. They influence the purchase decision. They build the image of the store. What are we talking about? With good quality product descriptions and categories! They have an extremely important function, which is why during foreign expansion it is not worth taking shortcuts and reaching for automatic translations. The best shopping experiences will build content in a foreign language, prepared by a native speaker. Whether you need product descriptions and categories in English, German, Czech, Romanian, Spanish, Italian, or any other European language and more – our team of native copywriter speakers will prepare for you content that speaks the language of benefits, and at the same time adapted to search engines.

copywriting agency - translations and texts, SEO for websites, e-commerce and marketplace
Translation and SEO, copywriting, websites, marketplace, e-commerce

We create content in multiple languages at the same time

Foreign expansion often begins not with one, but with several countries – sometimes adjacent to each other, and sometimes very distant. There are no barriers for us! Do you need copywriting in Czech and Turkish? How about Norwegian and Spanish? Do you want to storm foreign markets and need texts in 10, 15, or more languages? You don't have to keep looking! At e-multicontent, we write in multiple languages at the same time, so you get a package of ready-made content for each market at one time. When we are building a dedicated team, coordinating work, and verifying texts, you can take the time to further develop your brand. Isn't that the perfect deal?

Texts optimized for a given market's SEO

In online activities, it is as important as building good relationships with the customer to achieve high positions in search results. Using matching keywords and phrases, linking, creating headlines and catchy titles, as well as responding to users' queries make your site reach more new users. Activities are universal for every market, but the nuances are important – and we capture them perfectly! We analyze trends and know which phrases to use in German and which in Hungarian, and what will make the Slovenian or Bulgarian site better positioned in the search engine. The combination of knowledge of SEO with a sense of language and creativity makes our multilingual content not only pleasant for the reader but also effective.

copywriters - translators, seo, texts, Sponsored articles, e-commerce, marketplace, websites
Translations of texts and articles for websites, the marketplace, e-commerce, seo

We know the specifics of the e-commerce industry

We closely observe the latest trends and follow the development of the e-commerce industry both in Poland and abroad. We deepen our knowledge, introduce improvements and optimize our activities – also in the field of multilingual copywriting. We keep up with the changes and help to implement them. We know how important it is to extend the e-shop's activities not only to new markets but also to various sales channels, which is why we are familiar with marketplace platforms and their specifics. When creating content, we look at it from the point of view of a native speaker, which allows us to avoid cultural and linguistic mistakes, and thus – interest and increased engagement of the recipient. All this so that you can build a good and lasting relationship with a foreign client and conquer new markets.

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Our services have no limits. Although the heart of our agency is located in Wrocław, we see no obstacles that would prevent us from cooperating with clients from all over the world.

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