Product and category descriptions in many languages

Product and category descriptions in many languages

Multilingual copywriting

We create professional descriptions of products and categories in multiple languages. Check why you should trust us!

Product descriptions and categories for online stores in multiple languages

The Internet has no limits, so each seller can reach out to customers from every corner of the world with their products. At least in theory, because in reality you need one important element to be successful: good content in a foreign language! However, product and category descriptions in an online store in English, Russian, Japanese or Dutch can only be considered good and effective if they are created with potential buyers in mind, tailored to their needs and take into account the vocabulary they use on a daily basis. Google Translate and translation agencies are not the best solution. If you want to achieve sales success outside Poland, choose our native speakers who combine knowledge of the language with knowledge in the field of marketing, webpage positioning and web writing.

We focus on effective and customer-friendly content

Nowadays, almost everyone buys goods online. Regardless of age, sex or place of residence. People who like to touch the product, look at all its details or want to try a piece of clothing on before buying are the only ones who seem not to be convinced yet. How to reach out to such customers? By presenting them with photos and descriptions of products and categories that will replace seeing the goods in real life. If the content is precise, adapted to the buyer's expectations and written in a friendly language, it will be much easier for the customer to make a purchase decision. Here at e-multicontent, we create multilingual descriptions that make customers desire the offered product, and also contain all the necessary information and technical specifications.

We create content in over 35 different languages

When launching an online store, most sellers focus on content in their native language. Others add English or German to it, hoping that their universality will encourage customers from outside their country. Unfortunately, this is not enough! Here at e-multicontent, we know that customers in different countries have their own preferences and like marketing content in their own languages, which is why we focus on diversity. We create product descriptions in English, German, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Romanian, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Croatian, Slovenian, Serbian and many other languages. Currently we operate in over 35 languages, but we haven't said our last word on this topic yet!

We create content instead of translating it

From the customer's point of view, there is nothing more annoying than linguistically incorrect descriptions or content that contains highly technical, specialized or encyclopaedic vocabulary. Here at e-multicontent, we are aware of this. Therefore, our product and category descriptions are created in most cases from scratch in the target language by experienced native speakers. We know that someone who uses a given language from birth, knows the characteristics of a given country and the shopping preferences of his fellow citizens, will better adapt the content and vocabulary to the market requirements than even the most experienced translator. By entrusting us with producing product descriptions in Swedish, Lithuanian, Portuguese or Turkish, you can be sure that they will captivate customers with their natural sound, while maintaining full professionalism.

We operate efficiently, on time and in multiple ways

It may seem that preparing product descriptions for an online store is not difficult and does not require a lot of work. When it comes to individual content, this is usually the case. Nevertheless, when there are a lot of descriptions to be created, in various languages, and the deadline is approaching at the speed of light, this task becomes very complicated. Here at e-multicontent, we know it all too well, because every week we create hundreds of pages of unique and valuable content for the largest online retailers. Our recipe for success is simple - a strong team of experienced native speakers working on the same project at the same time. They produce descriptions in different languages independently, but on the same materials and guidelines. Thanks to this, our clients can receive consistent content in many language versions at a rapid pace, without wasting time on translations or independent coordination of various external copywriters.

Our product descriptions are SEO optimized

The main task of product descriptions and category descriptions in an online store (in any language) is to provide customers with a complete set of necessary information about the offered goods. As experienced content marketing specialists, we are aware that this type of content is also a great place to include carefully selected key phrases or links. After all, customers most often go to e-stores via Google and this potential cannot be wasted! When creating descriptions of products and categories in Bulgarian, French, Spanish or Czech, our native speakers weave carefully selected keywords into the content, thus improving the visibility of your store in search engines. What's more, they also use other stylistic and editorial tools, important from the point of view of SEO.

We have many years of experience and numerous satisfied clients

The e-multicontent copywriting agency is created by e-commerce enthusiasts, associated with the industry for many years. We move efficiently in the world of e-commerce, follow global trends and adapt our offer to the requirements and characteristics of target markets. Thanks to this, we successfully create unique and valuable content in foreign languages for large online stores from various industries. The best proof of our professionalism is the fact that many customers, when starting sales in more and more distant countries, entrust the preparation of descriptions in foreign languages to us. They know that we successfully combine copywriting skills, language competences and knowledge of the target market with SEO techniques.

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