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Well-prepared website content is the key to your company's success. Find out why website content is so important for your growth.

A website is usually the first point of contact of a potential customer with the brand and product. Therefore, it must be visually appealing, legible and user friendly. In short, it should catch the customer's attention, encourage him to view the content and use the service. Therefore, the customer should easily find a complete set of basic information about the company and its offer, as well as be able to learn about the values and mission of the brand. The content posted on a company's website is of great importance in the context of positioning and visibility of the site in search engines. Perfect texts must therefore contain factual information, be stylistically correct and contain no spelling errors. Moreover, they should also use the language of benefits, and be properly SEO optimized. All of that in every language used by the customers, regardless if it is Polish, English, Swedish or Turkish.

We create the image of your company with words

Each company has its own specific values, mission, vision and idea of how it should be perceived. A company website is a place where you can demonstrate all of these and thus stand out from the competition. Here at e-multicontent, we know that the one piece of information can be presented in various ways and thus arouse different emotions. Depending on your requirements, the specifics of the industry and the group of potential customers, we can produce content for websites that is as technical and specialized as possible, light and easy to read or filled with a specific sense of humour. We do not work in line with any patterns and treat each project individually. Thanks to such an approach, the content on your website will not only communicate the company's message, but also create an appropriate image.

We present facts in a friendly manner

Each company is proud of its offer and wants to present it in the best and most professional manner on its website. Therefore, you can find specialized concepts, encyclopaedic definitions, long lists of technical parameters of the offered products on many websites. Here at e-multicontent, we encourage you to brag about your achievements, but we also know that it should be done in a wise and customer-friendly manner. This is why, we write our website texts using the language of benefits which includes giving them an easy-to-follow step-by-step structure and adding clear, legible headlines. Instead of listing just facts and technicalities, we describe how a given product, its specific function or application will translate into improving the customer's life or work. Thanks to this, your offer will reach not only experts on the subject, but also convince people who did not know before that it was your product or service that they really needed to be happy.

There are no languages, we don't speak

A decade ago, the Internet was referred to as a global village. Today it is a real metropolis with no spatial restrictions. When designing a new website for your company, it is worth using this marketing potential and trying to reach customers who speak other languages or even live in remote corners of the globe. Our agency is made up of a team of experienced copywriters and native speakers, fluent in both the most popular as well as less widely spoken languages. Therefore, we can prepare interesting, substantive and SEO-optimized content for you, not only in Polish, English and German, but also in Hungarian, Ukrainian, Czech or Spanish. Thanks to us, your website will be as professional and user friendly as possible for recipients from outside of your country.

We deliver content efficiently and on time

In business, every minute is worth its weight in gold, and any delays can jeopardize the success of any project. Here at e-multicontent, we know it very well. That's why we always deliver our texts on time, and we are not afraid of working under tight deadlines. Each project is supervised by a dedicated copywriter with the greatest experience in a given industry, and if there is demand for content in other languages - also a project coordinator and a team of translators. Thanks to such an approach, you will receive a full package of texts at the same time and be able publish the texts on your website simultaneously.

We use professional knowledge

We specialize in high-quality content for websites and product descriptions for e-shops. We can also help you create the perfect website for your brand from scratch. After all, content marketing and copywriting are not all the tools you need to achieve success! We work with a large group of experienced specialists who are well versed in programming, computer graphics, professional photography and positioning. We can jointly create your website from start to finish or support you in those areas where you need the opinion of an external expert. Thanks to this, you can rest assured that your product and service will be perfectly presented in terms of content and graphics, and that the website will be as functional as possible, tailored to the target group, easy to use, properly positioned and visible on the web.

We provide services for various industries

Our multilingual content marketing agency has been creating unique texts for websites for companies from many different industries for over 10 years. Our portfolio includes content creation for companies operating in the construction, installation and IT industries, as well as for fashion brands, cosmetics companies, fitness clubs and the food sector. We are also fluent in finance, insurance and legal topics. We write texts for both large producers and retail chains, as well as small and niche brands, family businesses and local manufactories. We believe that there are no topics or products that cannot be presented in a friendly and appealing way, and the words of our satisfied clients are the best proof.

Well-prepared content is the key to the success of your website!

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