E-commerce graphics and videos

One of the most crucial e-commerce principles says that "a picture is worth a thousand words". Even the most meticulously prepared content in an online store won't suffice if it is not supplemented with appropriate graphics, well-executed photos, or engaging videos. After all, potential customers "buy" with their eyes and images are what catches their eye (or attention). It is thanks to them that customers remember a given place on the web, and when thinking about a store, the first thing that comes to their mind is the visual representation of the brand. Realistic and attractive visualizations allow the customer to get to know every detail of the product and really make a conscious purchase. Thanks to this, the consumer will feel confident when navigating through your store. This will certainly reduce the number of e-mails, messages in social media messengers, as well as phone calls to the person responsible for contact with the customer (i.e. perhaps you). Professional, visual presentations of products also reduce the risk of a negative reaction when unpacking a purchased item and affect customer experience. You sell and at the same time gain the most important pawn in the game of business - customer loyalty and trust.

Well-prepared photos, graphics and video content are not only a matter of company image, but they also provide great support for your brand's customer service department.

What makes us stand out from the competition?

We know the data and they are ruthless

According to the data contained in the "What's biting e-commerce" report prepared by e-Izba and the Mobile Institute, as many as 36% of respondents consider good product photos as a factor that prompts them to buy a product. That's more than one third of all buyers. This data clearly shows that an investment in professionally created photos and videos, supported by equally attractive graphics, really makes sense and may result in an increase in sales and loyal customers in the future.

Graphics and video for e-commerce

We describe images

Here at e-multicontent, we rubbed off the keys on more than one keyboard when writing texts. By creating valuable descriptions of products or categories, we know how important well-prepared photos are - both packshots and model pictures as well as their arrangement. Therefore, with each project, we also advise our clients on graphics, photos and videos, and we try to inspire them to introduce changes that will take their businesses to a new, higher level. Additionally, we always create alternative content valuable not only from the standpoint of SEO. It can be irreplaceable when a photo cannot be displayed, as well as invaluable for the blind and partially sighted people.

We direct product films

Where photos and graphic designs are not enough, product video enters the marketing arena. According to the data (and the numbers never lie), as many as 87% of marketers confirm that movies are a guarantee of a good return on investment, and 93% of them say that video helps to better understand the product or service, and thus - the number of inquiries to technical support is reduced. What's more, videos are able to capture the user's attention and keep the user on the website longer. And last but not least: video contributes to generating new leads and acquiring customers. We make film movies, 2D and 3D animations, as well as "moving" photos.

Product video

Product videos for e-commerce

We debunk the myths

Contrary to popular belief, the production of product films does not have to cost a fortune. How is this possible? We call it "economic efficiency". There are several ways to do this: increasing the scale of the order and, for example, preparing several films during one shooting day, unifying the production style or combining video preparation with a photo session. We also use high-definition digital animations and photos, allowing us to imitate the "movement" of the camera in relation to the product.

Video - how do we work?

Preparing a product video is a long process consisting of several stages. Thanks to our experience, we will guide you through it efficiently and "painlessly". In a nutshell: we will prepare a concept based on the brief, meetings and surveys. Then we will move on to pre-production (setting the work schedule, renting a studio, selecting a film crew, casting, etc.), which will smoothly go into the proper implementation of the planned material. Later, "only" post-production is waiting for us, i.e. editing, music and sound processing, so that the final product is created, which will go to websites and social media channels.

Graphic content for websites

We know how important it is to bring the offline world online

The main difference and, in a way, the advantage of brick-and-mortar stores over online stores is the ability to touch the product, view it from all sides, and also try it on. Good photos and video content supported by product descriptions will help to eliminate this difference completely. They will make the customer not only more willing and courageous to add products to the cart, but also make the purchasing decision much more conscious. There is also considerably increase the chances of gaining loyal customers in the long run.

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