Product and category descriptions in polish

Product and category descriptions in polish

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Creating product descriptions and categories for online stores in Polish

Why are product descriptions in an online store so important? Firstly, they provide all the necessary information about the products and replace viewing them in a brick and mortar store live, touching them, looking at all the details, and in the case of clothing, also trying them on. Secondly, they have a large impact on conversion, making Google robots "like" the store, and treat the website as valuable and more willingly show it to people looking for similar products on the web. And this leads us to the third advantage- customer satisfaction from finding the perfect product and purchasing it, that is achieving the most important goal of each online store.

We know the value of good descriptions

Product descriptions play an extremely important role in the customer decision making process. It is worth remembering that it is the photos, videos and CONTENT that replace direct contact with the product in a brick-and-mortar store, and in the case of the fashion industry - trying clothes on. The more accurate, valuable and precise the descriptions in the online store are, the greater the chance of selling and the lower the risk of possible returns resulting from differences in the declared and actual appearance or parameters of the product. Here at e-multicontent, we know this very well, as we have been creating effective, valuable and targeted product descriptions for online stores for many years. Our hobby is to prepare descriptions for the fashion industry, but electronics, power tools, home and garden items and cosmetics also have no secrets for us.

We use the power of category descriptions

One can notice that in recent years an increasing number of sellers began to appreciate the power of product descriptions in online stores and create them with greater or lesser success. The descriptions of product categories are an element that is still underestimated and ignored. Meanwhile, such content, containing the general characteristics of products from a given category, allows the customer to understand the store's offer better. In addition, they are extremely valuable from the SEO point of view, because they have a huge impact on the positioning of the store in search engines. Here at e-multicontent, we always focus on the maximum effectiveness of our activities. Thanks to this approach we create effective descriptions of categories and subcategories for e-shops.

We do not limit ourselves only to product specifications

Theoretically, product and category descriptions are primarily intended to provide customers with a complete set of necessary information about the products and to facilitate their purchasing decisions. As an experienced copywriting agency, we know that the potential of this type of content does not end there! A good product card with a unique description can also convey the ideas and values represented by a given brand. It can be concise and technical, kept in the style of a light story, delight with a touch of humour or combine important information with a clever play on words. Thanks to this approach, here at e-multicontent, we not only build the substantive background of the e-store, but also help it create a coherent image.

We offer an individual approach

Here at e-multicontent, we focus on dialogue with our clients, because we know that no one knows their store and assortment better the owner. At the beginning of each cooperation, we try to get to know our partners, determine the ideal target group (the so-called persona) and, on this basis, develop the concept of product descriptions. We choose the most optimal description scheme together, and then we consistently work with it, so that the store's offer is consistent and presents itself as professionally as possible. If necessary, we also adapt the created content to the requirements and technical capabilities of the online store, sales platform or commercial network on which the descriptions are to be published.

Our product descriptions are SEO optimized

Descriptions of products and categories in the online store are not only a place for technical specifications or tips on the use of products, but also an ideal space to smuggle in phrases and keywords important from the point of view of SEO. Here at e-multicontent, we are able to apply all these rules and we know which "tricks" will work and which should be avoided. The product descriptions we create for online stores combine the language of benefits and information important to buyers with activities that are valued by the Google search engine. We skilfully create headings, use the strength of bullet points or bolding of important text fragments, and we also estimate the most optimal number of characters. All these actions translate into search results and a higher position of the e-store in the search engine, so you can be sure your products will become more visible for potential customers. In other words: SEO is the best way to encourage customers to visit your store and stand out from the competition.

We have been working for the best brands for almost a decade

Online shopping has never been as popular as it is today, and all indicators point that the growing trend will continue for many years to come. To leave the competition behind, you need to stand out and stay in the memory of your customers for good, and who can help you with this task better than experienced content marketing specialists? Our agency has been creating product and category descriptions for the largest online stores, family brands as well as niche producers since 2013. Many sellers who have decided to take advantage of our offer can boast the opinion of a leader in their industry today and we know that we have contributed to this success. We will also be happy to take care of your store and use words to help you sell faster and more efficiently.

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