Good quality content on the website is the best form of communication with a potential customer, including a foreign one. Very often, it is the website of the store that is the first thing your customer will check, so it is especially important to match the content in such a way that it is fully understandable to the recipient. Sometimes, just translating the website may not be enough – in this case, it is worth reaching for the transcreation of content for online stores, which will allow you to maximally match the output text to the customer, his shopping habits, cultural circle, or the specificity of the e-commerce market of a given country. Transcreation will be great in translating marketing messages sent to customers in the form of newsletters or notifications, and advertising banners on the website, as well as in translating product descriptions and category descriptions.

Why is it worth entrusting us with transcreation for your business?

What makes us stand out from the competition?

Content customized to the recipient

Transcreation focuses on the recipient, transmitting information in a way that is as understandable as possible. It takes into account not only formal differences, such as units of measure and weight, forms of time recording, etc. but also cultural differences. By choosing a creative translation of content to the e-shop, you will get texts tailored to your recipient that will be understandable to him and help build good relationships with the customer. In addition, the transcreation of product descriptions and categories will allow to obtain original, non-duplicated content, optimized for the most popular search engines in a given country. Thanks to this, the texts will be friendly not only for the customer but also for algorithms, allowing you to get higher positions in the search results.


We specialize in multilingual content!

Foreign expansion offers many new opportunities, so it is not surprising that more and more e-shops are deciding to expand their offer to other countries. Together with e-multicontent, the whole process can run much more efficiently, while maintaining the best quality. Our team consists of a group of over 40 native speakers who speak different languages not only in Europe but also around the world. We create content for online stores in many languages at the same time, which allows you to shorten deadlines and faster package delivery of necessary texts. Thanks to experience in the e-commerce industry, we prepare interesting content for e-shops, tailored to the specifics of the market and optimized for SEO.

Content created by customers for customers

The multilingual e-multicontent team consists of native speakers and copywriters, working for the e-commerce industry while being customers of this industry. Thanks to this, we know the specifics of specific markets and the shopping habits of consumers of a given country. Based on our own experience, we create transcreations of texts for the website and product descriptions, taking into account information and elements that we often pay attention to as customers. This makes the content prepared by us for e-shops as tailored to their recipient as possible.

Content for e-commerce customers

Content optimized for SEO of a specific market

We optimize content for a specific market's SEO.

The content placed on the websites is mainly used by their recipients. However, you should not forget about another important aspect, which is the positioning of the page in search engines. The right intensity of keywords and phrases and the linking used are the components thanks to which the customer will get to your store using the search engine. Having experience in working on multilingual content for e-shops, we are well aware of the importance of adapting keywords to a given market. Using the right tools and based on the experience of our native speakers, we optimize the content for SEO so that it is not only pleasant to perceive, but also effective.

We manage the work on the project

Working in our e-multicontent agency is based on projects, which makes us great experience in managing them. Each project, including one covering many language versions, is supervised by a coordinator who builds a dedicated team and its organization. Depending on the size of the project, the team may consist of several or even several dozen people who create texts at the same time in many languages. Thanks to the efficient organization of the work of copywriters and native speakers, we provide ready and verified transcreations of content for online stores in a short time.

On-time cooperation

We work efficiently and effectively

At e-multiconent, we are well aware of the importance of deadlines, so keeping deadlines is our priority. Thanks to a large team of experienced copywriters and native speakers, we can face any challenge and act even on short deadlines. The key to our activities is the simultaneous work of the team creating content independently, based on the given guidelines and materials. This allows us to provide several language versions at the same time. During one of our projects in 5 months, we created over 3,000 transcreations of category descriptions for 11 markets and it is certainly not our last word!

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