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English is still one of the most popular languages and is often the first choice in business interactions. However, to build good relations with a foreign client, it's essential to communicate in their native language. Research on localisation titled ""Can't Read, Won't Buy"" by the American company Common Sense Advisory confirms that as many as 65% of users expect that the content on the website will be available in the language they use daily. Moreover, 82% of consumers are willing to make a purchase. This shows how important it is to put the correct language version on your store's website. When deciding to translate product descriptions and the offer of the e-shop, the location of the content is extremely important. Thanks to it, the prepared texts will be not only linguistically correct, but also fully adapted to the customer, and thus – more understandable and pleasant to receive.

Why is it worthwhile to invest in content language location?

What makes us stand out from the competition?

Location – when translation is not enough

When preparing new language versions of your e-shop offer, even the best quality translation may not be enough. A well-constructed location of the content will make the text fully adapted to the end recipient not only in terms of language but also maintaining the stylistic requirements or technical standards in force in a given country. Localization involves translating sayings and idioms into local ones, which will be closer to the recipient, but also adjusting formal issues, such as the form of recording the date and time, names, names of places, units of measurement or currencies.

Language location of content

We understand the shopping habits of customers from various countries.

When preparing the location of content for online stores, you should, first of all, remember about the customer, his habits, and shopping habits. Working with e-multicontent, you will receive texts adapted to cultural differences that will give a good start to your marketing campaign and will positively affect the perception of the product by a new, foreign customer. Content is king, but we also know how important other components of the offer are. The ability to choose the right payment methods, delivery methods, or forms of customer service can have a huge impact on making a purchase decision. With the help of our experienced native speakers, who present in many markets and know their specifics, we will comprehensively support you in adapting the offer to the client of a given country.

We work in over 35 European languages, not just English.

The times when only the English language version of the website was enough are long gone. After all, every customer deserves to get an offer in their language! At e-multicontent, we are well aware of this, which is why we create translations and content locations in English, German, Spanish, and French, but also Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Ukrainian, Slovenian, Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Norwegian, and many other European languages and more.

Content translations

Content localization for e-commerce

We localize content in multiple languages simultaneously

Efficient coordination of the activities of native speakers and translators is the basis of our work on multilingual content for online stores. To work on texts for your e-shop, we appoint experienced native speakers of the languages you need. Our team works in parallel on the same project, based on the materials provided and the guidelines for the texts.

We optimize content for SEO in any language.

The use of appropriate keywords and phrases, internal linking, headlines and distinctions significantly affects the display of the page in search engines, increasing your chances of reaching a new customer. Having extensive experience in creating content for websites and e-shops, we know how important it is to optimize them for SEO not only in Polish but also in foreign languages. Thanks to the experience of our team of native speakers and appropriate tools, we analyze the keywords popular in a given market and skillfully weave them into the content, affecting the visibility of your website, without disrupting the pleasant reception.

Translations for e-commerce

We have extensive expertise in locating content suitable for various industries.

For almost a decade, we have been operating as a multilingual copywriting agency. Since 2013, we have been supporting e-shops, providing them with effective content not only in Polish but also in over 35 languages. Our portfolio is rich in projects for the interior, construction, installation, automotive, as well as fashion, cosmetics, and service industries. We follow the latest trends and efficiently navigate the world of e-commerce, thanks to which the content we provide is effective and valuable. Our professionalism, language skills, and knowledge of the specifics of foreign markets are appreciated by our customers, which is why we are their first natural choice when expanding to other countries.

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