Multilingual customer support

A call centre is often the first point of contact for queries about your offer. The form of customer service can significantly influence the purchasing decision, becoming a factor that makes your offer stand out from the competition. Therefore, it's crucial to emphasise high-quality customer service, which will allow you to build good relationships. This aspect should not be forgotten when expanding to foreign markets. Building a qualified call center team available to customers in the local language will make them feel cared for and any language barriers will disappear. As a result, communication will be more efficient and the process itself will be simple and pleasant for the customer.

What does our multilingual customer service entail?

What makes us stand out from the competition?

E-Commerce Customer Service

High-quality customer service is the showcase of the whole company, so it is extremely important to ensure that it is as affordable as possible. As customers, we often pay attention to the available forms of assistance, choosing the channel that suits us best. The e-commerce industry developed strongly during the pandemic, providing customers with many innovative solutions. The availability of a chat with a consultant, voice, and video calls, e-mail support, or even conversations via social media, make the offer more attractive and allow the customer to choose the form of communication that will be most convenient and effective for him.

E-commerce customer support

We overcome language barriers

As an experienced agency, creating multilingual content for e-commerce, we are well aware of the importance of speaking the client's language. In addition to adjusting the language version of the e-shop website by translating or locating category and product descriptions or transcreation of blog entries, customer service in a given language should also be provided. Thanks to this, you will provide your foreign recipient with the support that will not require him to know another language or reach for a translator that may adversely affect the fluency of communication. Thanks to multilingual customer service, you can easily help your customer by positively influencing their purchasing decisions.

Additional support for your call center

Multilingual customer service is a great solution if you are looking for additional support for a call center operating in your company. By using our partner's offer, you will easily ensure continuity of service during non-standard hours, vacations, and holidays. What's more, you'll receive support for your call center department during excess traffic during peak hours or when making changes to the site or system that can generate customer queries.

Support for call centers

Multilingual customer support

We are familiar with the customs of foreign customers.

When starting activities on the foreign market, it is important to know your customer thoroughly. Consumers of different countries have their habits, resulting from the culture in which they grew up, customs, and rules prevailing in society. The Internet is increasingly blurring these differences, but an individual approach to the customer is still appreciated. Working daily with native speakers, present in various markets in Europe and the world, we know the preferences and specific expectations of customers.

We work with both small and large businesses.

In e-multicontent we believe in the success of not only large manufacturers and retail chains but also smaller, local, and niche brands or family businesses that are just starting to expand cross-border. Every customer is important to us and we approach every project with the same commitment. We understand that this approach is also close to you, so you can benefit from multilingual customer service even with a small volume, covering several phones or emails per day. Our partner offers a convenient settlement for the so-called event, i.e. a minute of connection or one e-mail, thanks to which you can easily enter the service into your budget, providing your customers with the highest level of service.

Many years of experience in the e-commerce industry

We have extensive and many years of experience in the e-commerce industry.

We have been operating in the e-commerce industry for almost a decade, observing constantly changing trends and developing our skills so that the services we provide for your online store are at the highest level. We know how important good communication with the customer is, which is why we effectively break language barriers and cross further borders, allowing you to reach recipients in various foreign markets. Thanks to the cooperation of our experienced team of native speakers, we will help you create an offer tailored to your recipient and help provide customer service in several languages.

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