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Everyone who works on the Internet needs good quality text. Those that will show their company or service in the best possible way, will attract the attention of recipients and make them choose this product. At e-multicontent, we know how powerful the power of the written word is, especially when it comes to the e-commerce industry. Well-written, engaging, and SEO-optimized texts are a perfect magnet for customers and a way to stand out from the competition. So if you are looking for experienced copywriters who will prepare product descriptions, blog entries, sponsored articles, or texts on the web, you are in the right place.

Why should you entrust us with creating content in Polish?

What makes us stand out from the competition?

Experienced copywriters at your service

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine a thriving business that is in no way present on the Internet. If the customer does not find information about the brand, product, or service on the network, then it is likely that he will lose interest in them or take advantage of the competition. Effective content is what every business needs to succeed and gain new audiences. Our team of experienced and talented copywriters will be happy to prepare for you the content in Polish that you and your clients need. We have millions of characters on paper, thousands of engaging texts, and dozens of websites, filled with content from A to Z, as well as countless collaborations with various companies. Both large corporations and local manufactories. We successfully operate for the fashion, children's, and FMCG industries. We love construction and interior design topics. We are also not afraid of copywriting for IT or industry. Check us out and you won't be disappointed!

Copywriting PL

Effective copywriting and content reuse

The hallmark of e-multicontent is effective content that will not only present you and your offer in a substantive way, but above all – will appeal to recipients and ensure conversion at the appropriate level. That is why our copywriters “get into the shoes” of potential customers and use the language of benefits efficiently, and also know the preferences of search engines and optimize texts for SEO. Moreover, they always attach great importance to understanding the subject and getting to know the client so that the content is as authentic as possible and in line with the spirit of the brand. Thanks to this, a website, sponsored articles or blog entries inspire trust and are memorable, and in the long run – encourage you to buy a product or use your service. But that's not all! In addition to classic copywriting in Polish, we also offer content recycling, i.e. improvement, optimization, and refreshment of existing texts. So if you want to breathe new life into the content you already have at home, we can also take care of it.

Texts for the website

Copywriting content for the company's website is one of the basic services offered by our agency and is often the starting point for further activities in the field of content marketing. After all, your website is a business card of the brand and usually the first point of contact for a potential customer with a given product or service. By entrusting us with the creation of texts for the website, you can be sure that the content will attract the attention of recipients, encourage them to delve into the offer, and then use it. We will make sure that the texts on your website are professional, clear, and legible, but also user-friendly and in line with the spirit of the brand. However, copywriting does not have to be limited to filling individual tabs with content! The workshop can also take so-called microcopy, i.e. content in forms, buttons, or advertising pop-ups. All of this is done to make the overall experience consistent and valuable to customers.

Content for blogs

Content optimized for SEO

E-commerce blogs

Your company blog is a great place to promote your products, provide the most important information from the life of the company or bring the values, attitudes, and initiatives close to the brand to customers. In short: it is a great channel for reaching new customers, maintaining the interest of existing customers, and creating an image of an expert in their industry. A blog is created by its content, and content accumulation is a good way of achieving a high search engine position and increasing website traffic. If you want to use this potential but do not have the time or skills to regularly create blog posts, we will be happy to help you! We will provide you with support in finding interesting topics, our copywriters will pass on ideas for words, and if necessary – we will also take care of publishing on your website. By working with us, you can be sure that your blog will be in good hands.

Product and category descriptions for e-shops

At e-multicontent, we approach the subject of copywriting in Polish comprehensively, so you can entrust us with the creation of any content. We feel particularly good about product descriptions and categories for online stores because they have the greatest sales potential. Such texts allow customers to familiarize themselves with the brand's offer, and approximate products, and replace direct contact with the item, so they must be as professional and detailed as possible, and also written in the language of benefits. Our copywriters combine knowledge in the field of content marketing, advertising, and sales, and have experience in e-commerce, thanks to which you will receive texts from us that will 100% meet your expectations. And they will be optimized for SEO, which may result in a higher position of the store in search engines.

Copywriting for e-commerce

Copywriting for demanding clients

The goal of our team of copywriters is always effective texts, which is why we approach each order individually. In the first stage of cooperation, it is important to get to know the customer, establish a thread of agreement with him and fully understand his needs, because only then will the content be perfectly refined. After all, you know your product best and the better you tell us about it, the better texts will be created. It is our responsibility to pick the most important points from the sea of information, properly show them, and encourage everyone to choose your offer. Cooperation with us is not copywriting, consisting in checking off subsequent texts from the list, but a partnership relationship focused on joint success. Before you start writing, we can also prepare an audit of existing content and a content strategy for you, so that your communication channels with the client carry a single, consistent message. Contact us and see for yourself how we work!

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