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A company blog is a must-have in every online store. Nevertheless, many players on the e-commerce market still forget about this crucial fact. Meanwhile, a well-run blog has the power to attract and interest potential buyers and turn them into loyal customers. In addition, a blog helps to create a positive image of the store and allows you to create the image of an expert in your industry. Blog entries are also an excellent foundation for running activities in social media and building an engaged community, as well as a solid basis for creating advertising campaigns. In order not to miss out on the chance to acquire new visits to your website and thus - new customers, it is worth taking care of varied and quality content, corresponding to the readers' needs and SEO optimized from the very beginning.

We know the e-commerce market and the needs of customers

We know that online sales is not only a trend of the present times. It is the future. Competition on the market will increase, and only those who have the tools and the knowledge how to use them will gain loyal customers. At e-multicontent, we keep abreast of current trends, follow all changes and guide our clients through them, helping them reach the widest possible target group. As e-commerce specialists, we also know that apart from the product card, your blog is the place where you should include info about your offer. However, while the information on the card itself must be concise,blog texts allow you to present the advantages of specific products, their parameters and features in an extended form. On your blog, you can also visually present how to store a specific item, how to care for and service it. In other words: educate your customers and, at the same time, build the image of an expert.

Our heads are full of creative ideas

Creating effective and valuable content is a big challenge that requires us to constantly look for new inspiration. Therefore, also after work, we make sure to learn something new, admire theatrical performances or fine arts, read an interesting book or article. In short: absorb the world around us. This is the only way we are able to create schedules each month filled with new, interesting topics that will result in thousands of characters, creating unique content. What's more, we care not only about the varied subject matter of the texts, but we also focus on various types of entries. We skilfully interweave expert content with product information and market news, proprietary rankings with comments on current industry events or stories created in line with the storytelling trend.

We know how to create content that engages readers

Blog entries should be such a valuable content so that they can be promoted in various communication channels, and thus be used to build an engaged community around the store. Here at e-multicontent, we are well aware of this and plan topics in a way that attracts the interest of our readers, arouses their emotions and encourages them to act. We know that the more valuable content will appear on your website, the more reviews and comments it will get. And from here it is only one small step to attract new customers, because most Internet users usually start their adventure with a given e-shop from getting to know other people's opinions and reviews about it.

We know the SEO rules

A blog is created by its content, and content accumulation is a good way of achieving a high search engine position and increasing website traffic. For this to happen, the texts must first of all be original, interesting and factually correct. Here at e-multicontent, we know that creative and interesting content is not everything. Before readers like it, it needs to get noticed and appreciated by Google search engines. In order for this to happen, SEO optimization is essential. The appropriate number of phrases and keywords should be embedded in the texts. We will generate these phrases and keywords and use them so that the text is still attractive to readers and free of linguistic errors.

We have experience and will not hesitate to use it

The last thing you can say about the e-multicontent team is that it is inexperienced. To say that we know everything about our industry is quite an understatement. We can produce an article on any topic and in virtually every field: from the installation and IT industry, through interior design, to the fashion industry. We know how to create effective content that will delight your company's customers and answer all of the questions that appear in the minds of various readers. What's more, we not only have vast theoretical knowledge on content marketing, but we are also keen online shoppers. Therefore, we look at every online store with a critical eye, conduct a content audit, verify SEO optimization and propose changes that will allow you to join the group of the most trusted and reliable sellers.

Multilingualism is our specialty

We are well aware that Polish is not a lingua franca around the world. The key to acquiring customers on difficult and competitive foreign markets is to create interesting content supported by SEO tools. That is why we have built a team of experienced copywriters and native speakers who not only have a perfect command of the language, but also perfectly know the target group and know how to write to attract attention. What is more, we focus on creativity, not on mechanical translations. So far, we create content in nearly 20 languages, but our ambition goes much further and we certainly won't stop there!

Entrust the preparation of content for your blog to specialists and increase the traffic on your website!

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