Translation of texts and articles

Top-quality texts in various languages are the best way to reach foreign markets and attract new customers. We are talking here both about the content on the website and in the proprietary online store, as well as the extremely popular sales platforms such as Amazon or eBay. If you want to successfully appear on the largest European and world marketplaces, you need to stand out from the competition with interesting, pleasant to read and most importantly - linguistically correct website translations. As a result, you will not only gain recognition in the eyes of foreign customers and expand your scope of activity. You will also avoid problems resulting from misunderstandings and the need to explain discrepancies between descriptions and the product which complicate the selling process.

Entrust the translation of lengthy functional texts to native speakers - specialists in the field of copywriting.

What makes us stand out from the competition?

We are fluent in many languages

By choosing to work with us, you have at your disposal a team of translators proficient in over 30 different languages! If you need to translate marketing texts or product descriptions into Swedish, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Dutch, Turkish, or almost any other language, we are at your service. Professional website translations are our speciality!

Translation of texts and articles

We work with native speakers

Here at e-multicontent, we focus on the highest quality of translations. Therefore, we our teams consists of experienced native speakers. As a result, the content we produce is not only linguistically correct, but is also suited to the target market and contains vocabulary and phrases actually used by the natives of a given language area.

We translate accurately and creatively

Here at e-multicontent, we believe that words have enormous power and can really influence a customer's purchasing decision. Therefore, we not only focus on perfect translations of websites and texts from Polish into foreign languages (and vice versa), but also transcreate if necessary. In other words, we take translation to the next level by focusing not only on translating words in a 1: 1 ratio, but on retaining the meaning and main message of the text also taking cultural differences into account.

Professional translations of websites and texts

Translations of texts and articles

We combine linguistic correctness with marketing knowledge

Lack of linguistic and stylistic errors, ease of reception and clarity of content are our priorities in the case of translating source texts into any foreign language. However, we know that it is not always enough. This is why our linguistic skills go hand in hand with enormous marketing knowledge, as well as knowledge of the principles of web writing, the specific features of the e-commerce market and the world's largest marketplaces.

We are not afraid of any translation challenges

Our adventure with translations began over 10 years ago with the preparation of multilingual product descriptions for online stores. Over time we expanded our scope of operation and now work with more extensive projects. Although we have achieved true mastery in translations for e-commerce, we translate texts for websites, press materials, internet business cards, industry and technical articles from and into Polish, as well as create descriptions for films and graphics with equal success&.

Translations - native speakers

We operate quickly and in multiple ways

One of the priorities of the e-multicontent agency is timeliness, because we know that time is of great importance in business. In our case, keeping short deadlines is possible due to a large team of native speakers and efficient coordination of their work by a supervisor dedicated to each project. So if you need to translate a large amount of content into one language or a package of texts into several different languages in a relatively short time, you are in the right place. Rest assured that you will always receive the translation of the website and any other texts on time, and the speed of translations will go hand in hand with their grammatical, spelling and stylistic correctness.

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