Why does your online store need a copywriter?

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Why does your online store need a copywriter?
Why does your online store need a copywriter?

Many people, when creating online stores, use the services of programmers, IT specialists or graphic designers, unfortunately often ignoring copywriters and their role in building the brand image. This is a big mistake that can lead to a situation where even the best-built online store is lost in the sea of competition.

What are you thinking about when building an online store? About good photos, an intuitive interface and a convenient customer path? Yes, these items are important. But they won't do their job in the e-commerce industry if you forget about content. Content is still king for a reason (more on the role of content below). And it is, or at least should be, part of the sales strategy and marketing should be based on it as well. Not only that, good content is one factor that will help keep your e-shop afloat in the online world. It will make your offer and your articles noticed and reach the appropriate target group.

When creating website content, you must bear in mind the golden rule of copywriting: texts should be unique. Copying, for example, product descriptions from the manufacturer or competitors (!) Is one of the worst mistakes. Therefore, if you do not feel at ease to manage the content in your store and using words to present your products, it is worth considering delegating this part of the company's activity to the hands of an experienced copywriter.

What makes a good copywriter?

What should be the perfect copywriter creating sales content for online stores? What skills should he have? First of all, such a person, apart from being creative and typing several hundred (or maybe even several thousand) characters per hour, should know at least the basics of SEO. And perfectly interweave knowledge in the field of positioning with the ability to write in the language of benefits, as well as to hit the message with the target group. Thanks to this, you will be sure that the keywords and phrases will be included in the texts on your website, and at the same time the sentences and headings will not be forced or artificial.

What is the role of content in an e-shop?

We already know that content is important and who should produce it. So let's think about what it affects and what benefits it can bring.

Improving the store's visibility in the search engine

First of all, unique content significantly increases your chances of standing out from the competition. It can be said that the original paragraphs act like elbows, effectively pushing away other e-stores with a similar offer and thus paving the way for gaining the attention of the Google search engine, and thus the customer. Remember - Google robots don't like boredom and repetition. It's really worth the effort when creating content. Otherwise, you may even risk being blocked by the search engine.

Attracting customers

Well-written, unique content with efficiently and skillfully interwoven keywords will give you a chance to be at the forefront of search results. Thus, to attract website visitors who may turn into customers. It is considered that being in the TOP 10 is the best chance of success and attracting users interested in the products in question.

Sales support

Good content will allow you to achieve the goal that you determined when setting up an online store, i.e. sales. The content on the website, especially product (and category) descriptions, replace (in conjunction with photos of course) contact with the sales person in a stationary store. Their role is to fairly present all product features and parameters. Descriptions are to help in choosing, advise and reassure the customer that he will be satisfied when deciding to buy the viewed item. The language of benefits and appropriate structure of product descriptions are - literally - worth their weight in gold. In turn, repetitive, copied from other websites and poorly structured product descriptions are the proverbial nail in the coffin.

Do you want to learn the rules of developing good product descriptions on websites? Great, because we wrote about it in our e-book. It is completely free.

Maintaining customer loyalty

Imagine this situation. After receiving the order from your store, the customer is - to put it mildly - unpleasantly surprised by what he saw. Details and parameters do not match. The appearance of the product "live" differs from what he could see and read on the website. You are likely to face an unpleasant return procedure, possibly a negative opinion, and the certainty that you have lost a customer. Good content in an online store can reverse this situation. Not only will the customer buy the product and be satisfied with it, it is a great chance, bordering on certainty, that he will come back to you, and one of the opinions of your online store will be: “Product as described. I recommend it. Remember: a satisfied customer = a loyal customer.

Good content in an online store is one of the keys to business success. Your online store does not sell? Probably the lack of relevant content is one of the reasons. If you do not feel strong enough to enter the maze of stylistic and grammatical complexities combined with the language of benefits and SEO, find an agency that will do it for you. Get to know Google and your customers.




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