Cooperation with the WodaModa brand - 01.2023 - present

Industry: Lifestyle

zespół doświadczonych copywriterów znających SEO i e-commerce


  • change the customer communication method

  • inform about new products in the offer

  • reach new consumers

  • establish the brand as an expert in its industry

  • increase brand visibility on the web

zespół doświadczonych copywriterów znających SEO i e-commerce


  • regular cooperation in creating topics for the company blog

  • preparation of 2 expert entries per month

zespół doświadczonych copywriterów znających SEO i e-commerce


  • increased visibility of company products in the search results of Google and other search engines

  • customers from new target groups reached

  • the image of an expert in the industry obtained

Case study

Woda Moda is a unique online store, offering mineral and spring water of the highest quality from around the world to its customers. There you can find healing waters and niche products, characterised by unusual taste qualities, as well as containing unusual ingredients. In addition sales activities, the brand's goal is to promote drinking water, conscious choice of the type of drink based not only on the price or level of gas saturation, but its properties, taste and origin.

We started our cooperation with the online store at the beginning of 2023. Our agency was recommended to the client, and after initial talks we were asked to prepare a sample text, aimed at verifying our skills and level of understanding of the brand's needs. We passed the test, and from January we started regular cooperation on 2 blog texts a month. With this Client, the biggest challenge is to match the content to the group of recipients, which consists of real water connoisseurs. Therefore, blog texts must not only be pleasant to read, but above all have a strong, substantive basis. Thanks to meeting both of these requirements, the store is on its path to establish the image of an expert in its industry and increase the number of loyal customers.