Tim SA

Cooperation with the TIM brand - 09.2013 - present.

Industry: Construction

a team of experienced copywriters with knowledge of SEO and e-commerce


  • reach B2B and B2C customers
  • implement the omnichannel strategy
  • increase brand visibility on the web
a team of experienced copywriters with knowledge of SEO and e-commerce

The scope of activities:

  • production of product descriptions for the TIM SA e-store based on research in accordance with SEO guidelines
  • preparation of category descriptions in the TIM SA e-shop in accordance with SEO guidelines
  • creation of thematic articles for external websites and TIM SA (including lighting, health and safety clothing, modular equipment, power tools, etc.)
a team of experienced copywriters with knowledge of SEO and e-commerce


  • increased visibility of TIM products in the search results of Google and other search engines
  • sales offer reached new groups of customers

Case study

TIM S.A. is the largest distributor of electrotechnical materials in Poland, operating in the industry for over 30 years. In its activities, the brand focuses on the omnichannel strategy, offering its products through various sales channels - from classic retail chains and stationary distributors, through its own online store, to the helpline and mobile application. The combination of extensive experience with a wide range of products and openness to new technological solutions made TIM S.A. appreciated not only by Customers, but also by e-commerce specialists.

The TIM S.A. brand reached our to agency because it was looking for a company that would be able to produce content for it for an online store. High quality, technical content, optimized for SEO was of priority for the Customer, so we were asked to prepare a sample text. Our work was greatly appreciated and as a result we received a large, long-term project for the production of category and product descriptions for the e-shop. At the peak moment, we provided the Customer with almost 1,000 descriptions per month, which was quite a motivating challenge for us. At the same time, we also created thematic articles for external websites and own brand channels. Moreover, within the framework of our cooperation, we also dealt with proofreading and improving existing content on the website.

The effects of our work in numbers
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  • Lighting fixtures
  • House and garden
  • Sockets and connectors
  • Electrical equipment and apparatus
  • Power tools and meters
  • Cable routing elements
  • Switchboards and enclosures
  • Cables and conduits
  • Protective clothing and occupational health and safety
  • Ventilation and heating
  • Intercoms and bells
  • Consumer electronics
  • Alarms, monitoring, communication
  • Connection equipment
  • Light sources
  • Office supplies
  • Pneumatics
  • Photovoltaics
  • Lightning protection
  • 4 533
  • 4 103
  • 3 455
  • 3 671
  • 1 079
  • 864
  • 1 079
  • 1 295
  • 863
  • 1 295
  • 648
  • 1 727
  • 864
  • 863
  • 1 295
  • 431
  • 431
  • 431
  • 647

Total number of descriptions: 29 574

Content created for the client: