Studio Kwadrat

Cooperation with the Studio Kwadrat brand - 12.2020 - 03.2021

Industry: Services and lifestyle

a team of experienced copywriters with knowledge of SEO and e-commerce


  • refreshed company image
  • obtain the position of an expert in the industry
  • reach new customers, also on the international market
a team of experienced copywriters with knowledge of SEO and e-commerce

The scope of activities:

  • development and production of content for the new website in Polish
  • translating content of the website into English, German and Norwegian
  • production of entries for the company blog
a team of experienced copywriters with knowledge of SEO and e-commerce


  • increased visibility of the company in search results of search engines
  • obtaining the image of a dynamic, professional company
  • sales offer reached new customers in Poland and on foreign markets

Case study

Studio Kwadrat is a project created and led by Wrocław based photographer Tomasz Kobiel. The company specializes in product photography for e-commerce, cooperating, among others, with the largest and most famous fashion brands. Studio Square offers packshots and ghosts, lookbooks, comprehensive visual and advertising campaigns. Additionally Studio Square deals with professional business and image photography.

We started our cooperation with Studio Square several months ago with developing and producing content for the Client's website from scratch, along with a detailed presentation of the offer. Since the brand's strategy was aimed at expanding to foreign markets, we had to develop content in four language versions: Polish, English, German and Norwegian. In addition, we also produced a short series of blog articles, optimized for SEO. The cooperation with Studio Kwadrat spread through one project and the Client continues activities independently.

Content created for the client:

Working with e-multicontent to create multilingual content is a real pleasure. The Agency has created texts for us for a new website in Polish, English, German and Norwegian, and they are of the highest quality and correctness, and very pleasant to read. And all this quickly, efficiently and in a nice, professional atmosphere.

*Tomasz Kobiela, photographer, owner of Kwadrat Studio