Cooperation with the Multisun brand - 2022 - present

Industry: Installations and energy

a team of experienced copywriters with knowledge of SEO and e-commerce


  • refresh the company's image
  • develop new content for promotional materials and the company website
a team of experienced copywriters with knowledge of SEO and e-commerce

The scope of activities:

  • comprehensive content preparation for the new website, considering SEO and benefit language
  • development of content for promotional materials - advertising folders for business and retail customers
a team of experienced copywriters with knowledge of SEO and e-commerce


  • increased company credibility in the eyes of potential clients
  • new business and retail clients in the Polish market reached
  • strengthened image of an industry expert
  • enhanced company visibility in search results

Case study

Multisun offers professional services related to the design and execution of photovoltaic installations, heat pumps, air conditioning, and recuperation. They provide comprehensive investment services, including choosing the most optimal form of financing. The company's offer is directed to individual customers, businesses, and farms in the Lower Silesia and Greater Poland regions.

Multisun approached our agency because they needed new content for an advertising folder aimed at business and individual customers. They were looking for a partner who could describe their offer in a substantive yet attractive way for the most demanding clients. The result was so satisfactory that Multisun entrusted us with the task of refreshing the content on their website. As intended, the new content not only presented the offer in an interesting way but primarily showcased the experience of the employees and the values of the brand. Thanks to the commitment from both sides and strong support from Multisun experts, we were able to develop valuable content that reinforced the brand's image as an expert and increased its credibility in the eyes of potential business partners.

Content created for the client:

Collaboration with the Agency was smooth and efficient. Ms. Alicja, who created content for us, demonstrated intuition and a good understanding of the topic. We continue our collaboration because the material prepared so far has met our expectations. I recommend collaborating with the e-multicontent Agency.

*Agnieszka Lenartowicz, Director of Administration and Organisation at Multisun