Dr Magic

Cooperation with the Dr Magic brand - 02.2023 - present

Industry: Services and lifestyle

a team of experienced copywriters with knowledge of SEO and e-commerce


  • content support during the launch of the online store (texts for the website and e-shop)
  • establish the reputation as an industry expert
  • educate about natural psychedelics and disprove harmful stereotypes
a team of experienced copywriters with knowledge of SEO and e-commerce

The scope of activities:

  • prepare content for the brand's website
  • prepare product descriptions and categories for the online store
  • regularly create SEO-optimised blog posts
a team of experienced copywriters with knowledge of SEO and e-commerce


  • the brand's presence in the audience's consciousness established
  • new customers in the Polish market reached
  • brand visibility in online search engines increased
  • increased interest in scientific discoveries in the field of natural psychedelics

Case study

Dr Magic is a unique project aimed at popularising knowledge about psilocybin mushrooms and related scientific research. The brand owners present scientifically confirmed information on their blog about the positive effects of psilocybin on the human body, its potential in treating depression, addictions, and other mental problems. However, Dr Magic is not just an informational service but also an online store offering grow kits for psilocybin mushrooms intended for collector and research purposes.

Our collaboration with Dr Magic began with a recommendation from one of our business partners. The brand owners were looking for an agency capable of preparing engaging, informative, and highly substantive content, presenting a scientific approach and seasoned with a touch of subtle humour. Based on these requirements, we prepared a content package for the newly established online store and a series of advisory and educational articles for the company blog. We currently continue our collaboration by creating blog posts and preparing descriptions for new product categories. All content is also SEO-optimised, resulting in the brand's steadily increasing online visibility.