Cooperation with the Brenor brand - 05.2020 - present

Industry: Interiors

zespół doświadczonych copywriterów znających SEO i e-commerce


  • reach customers in Germany

  • increase foreign sales

zespół doświadczonych copywriterów znających SEO i e-commerce


  • development and production of auction descriptions in German for

zespół doświadczonych copywriterów znających SEO i e-commerce


  • Increased visibility of Brenor products on

  • easier and more frequent purchasing decisions thanks to detailed product descriptions

  • new customers on foreign markets

Case study

Brenor is a manufacturer of high-end kitchen equipment: sinks, sink faucets, siphons and accessories. The brand was established in 2005, and devoted the first years of its activity to learning about customer expectations and improving its products. As a result, today it is an important player on the market, offering its products not only locally, but also on a European scale. It was possible to expand the brand's reach thanks to the launch of an online store, as well as thanks to establishing cooperation with one of the world's largest marketplaces.

Our cooperation with the Brenor brand began in May 2020 and since then we have been regularly supporting the company in its content activities. Our task is to develop and produce effective product descriptions for the Amazon sales platform. Since the main strategic goal of the Brenor brand is Germany, we produce descriptions in this language. Their development and production is handled by a native speaker, who perfectly understands the specifics of the German market, and at the same time knows perfectly well the requirements that Amazon places on the content presented on its website. As a result, our client can rest assured that the project entrusted to us is carried out perfectly.