Cooperation with the Botanic brand - 11.2020 - present

Industry: Construction

copywriting, SEO and e-commerce


  • develop and produce effective marketing content

  • reach new customers on the Polish market

  • increase the reach on the Polish market

copywriting, SEO and e-commerce


  • development and production of product descriptions in Polish

  • development and production of product manuals in Polish

  • implementation of tasks based on content in Russian

copywriting, SEO and e-commerce


  • increased visibility of e-shop products in the search results of Google and other search engines

  • sales offer reached new customers on the Polish market

  • faster and more frequent purchasing decisions thanks to detailed product descriptions

Case study

Botanic is the European leader on the market of polycarbonate greenhouses. Thanks to the use of this material, as well as a number of own, patented solutions, the designs offered by the brand are extremely durable and solid, and also guarantee the perfect indoor climate suitable for plant growth. Botanic polycarbonate greenhouses are designed for both large farms and small, domestic applications.

The Botanic brand is a Client that we managed to acquire based on the recommendation of one of our long-term business partners. The brand was looking for an agency that would be able to quickly and efficiently prepare product descriptions, as well as Polish instructions for the use of greenhouses, based on refference materials in Russian. Due to our experience in related Industrys, the ability to use technical documentation and the presence of copywriters fluent in Russian in our team, this project seemed to be tailor-made for e-multicontent. Several years of cooperation with the Client and many projects completed together are the best confirmation of this.