Cooperation with the Born to Fly brand - 03.2021 - present

Industry: Services

zespół doświadczonych copywriterów znających SEO i e-commerce


  • refresh the brand image

  • reach new customers with the sales offer on the Polish and foreign markets

  • unify content in various promotional materials

zespół doświadczonych copywriterów znających SEO i e-commerce


  • development and production of content for the new website in Polish and English

  • production of content for the brand's offer and promotional materials in Polish and English

  • production of content for automatic e-mails to customers

zespół doświadczonych copywriterów znających SEO i e-commerce


  • unified company image and means of communication with customers

  • sales offer reached new target groups on the Polish market

  • expansion of the offer to foreign markets

Case study

Born To Fly is an airline agency that breaks common ideas about this type of venture. Its main purpose is to help customers in the comprehensive organization of air travel. In practice, this means support at every stage of the journey - from finding the best connection, to arranging all formalities (ticket purchase, flight personalization, applying for a visa, etc.), to rescue in crisis situations. Thanks to the Born To Fly team, lost luggage, a cancelled flight or travel arrangements for a large group are not a problem.

The cooperation with Born To Fly began with the production of materials for a catalogue in Polish and English (American English), as well as for the newsletter launched by the brand. The Client wanted the content to contain substantive information, and at the same time to radiate with the spirit of the brand and the passion for traveling of its founders. Ultimately, we managed to create an effective and pleasant to read catalogue, and the Client entrusted us with another task - to produce content for a new website. Since then, e-multicontent has supported Born to Fly on a regular basis in terms of content in Polish and English.

Content completed for the client:

We are speechless! Standing ovations! The content is brilliant - you can see at first glance that they were created by a native speaker from America. These are probably the best texts we have received ever as far as American English content is concerned. You will surely hear from us again.

*Paweł Kozłowiecki, COO & Founder Born To Fly