Cooperation with the Bimago brand - 07.2020 - 03.2022

Industry: Interiors

a team of experienced copywriters with knowledge of SEO and e-commerce


  • support in the implementation of a broad SEO strategy
  • increase visibility of the e-shop in search engines
  • reach new customers on the Polish and European markets
a team of experienced copywriters with knowledge of SEO and e-commerce

The scope of activities:

  • preparation of product and category descriptions in 5 languages (Polish, English, German, Italian and French)
  • translation of product and category descriptions into Spanish
a team of experienced copywriters with knowledge of SEO and e-commerce


  • 4046 unique descriptions in 6 European languages
  • increased brand visibility in search engines
  • increased traffic in selected categories by up to 1400% (combined with a broad SEO strategy)

Case study

Bimago is one of the leaders of the Polish e-commerce industry in the field of interior decoration, offering above all the highest quality posters, paintings, wall murals and wallpapers. The brand's online store operates in 10 languages, which allows the bimago offer to reach more than 50 countries around the world. Due to the dynamic development and the desire to increase its reach in several foreign markets, the company needed support in the field of content creation in various languages.

Thanks to the recommendation of one of our previous business partners, the brand came to us because we specialize in multilingual content for e-commerce. According to the assumptions of the bimago brand, the content prepared by e-multicontent had to be: unique, engaging, written in the language of benefits, and optimized for SEO. Our activities, as an important support for a broader marketing strategy, were to help the Customer achieve two most important goals: increasing the position in the search engine results and gaining credibility in the eyes of potential Customers. The result of our cooperation was over 4000 descriptions of categories and products in 6 different languages, which contributed to increasing the visibility and recognition of the brand in the target markets. In some categories, the increase in traffic in 2021 compared to 2020 was as much as 14 times!

You can find out more about our cooperation with bimago in our case study.

Content created for the client:

The e-multicontent team deserves a high rating not only for the efficiency of work, but also for the individual approach to us as a customer. Professionalism, communication and speed of response of managers as well as copywriters - native speakers to the individual needs of bimago allowed to establish partnership relations between our companies, which translated into joint success. Very good results of visibility of the network of the entire bimago store, greater satisfaction among our Consumers and well-execuded and long-term strategic actions help us to effectively build a strong brand on international markets.

*Mateusz Kusz, Head of SEO bimago (Artgeist)