Art Open

Art Open

Advertising Agency

Art Open - the eco-friendly advertising agency!

Art Open is one of the top advertising agencies on the market, providing a wide range of modern advertising solutions - from packaging to web development, VR software, animations and graphic design, both vector, 2D and 3D to a broad choice of ecologic gadgets, calendars and gifts! They also have an online book calendar creator and provide gifts made of bamboo and other recycled and eco-friendly materials such us organic cotton, grass paper, stone paper and others.

Art Open is also the organizer of the annual action of cleaning the coast of the Oder River in Wrocław. Every year, they gather dozens of people for the noble purpose of cleaning the surrounding coastal areas, making them cleaner and more accessible to people staying there, often complaining about the high degree of littering of city beaches.

Check out the coverage of the cleaning action on the Art Open blog. See their full offer and their great website - with an ordering module, where you can get an estimate for your dream services for free!

We recommend Art Open as a reliable business partner!

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