Copywriting in foreign languages. Why should you not trust Google Translate?

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Copywriting in foreign languages. Why should you not trust Google Translate?
Copywriting in foreign languages. Why should you not trust Google Translate?

Anyone who wants to expand their business outside their domestic market needs content in foreign languages. For many, popular machine translators are the obvious, and seemingly cost-effective solution. Why should you not entrust a machine translator with content that can make or brake a brand?

Development is the goal of every business - regardless, whether it is a small company or a large corporation

When setting up an online store, you will certainly want to attract customers from your domestic market in the first place . To do so, you need to create a path-to-purchase, invest in advertising, social media, build a content plan, write content and make sure it is SEO optimized. You need to go through all of this to achieve your goal. When you finally manage to complete this step, you start thinking about the next one. Reaching foreign markets with your offer could be one of them. What can help you with this? The answer is quite straightforward- content in the language(s) of the country you want to expand into.

There are many ways to go about it

Google Translate and other tools that translate text automatically, as well as standard translation agencies are an "invaluable" and frequently used tool. Why choosing any of these options is a bad decision?

  • When using automated translation tools, you can almost always be certain that the final text will have a lot of stylistic and grammatical errors, and your store's website will be filled with various neologisms. Take a minute and ask yourself - is risking the image of your brand worth the potential money you can save? Contrary to the saying, in the world of business, not all publicity is good publicity.
  • Truth be told, texts produced by translation agencies are almost always correct and deprived of errors. Nevertheless, they are often created schematically by a person who has perfect command of a given language, but more often than not it is not a native speaker with marketing knowledge. Why is this so important?

Go beyond the limits with good content

A native speaker with such competences knows how to write to gain the attention of customers and sell your products. Personalized, well-written and structured content in an e-shop has considerable impact on its development and the ability to reach new customers. What are the strengths of native speakers? First of all, native speakers often live in the country you want to expand to, know its culture and - what is important - the language of the community. When they receive a text for translation, they verify whether its context is understandable to the recipient as they go. This way you will avoid awkward sentences. What is more, a native speaker can quickly go to the competition's webpages and check the language they use as a point of refference. You benefit even more if such a person has marketing and SEO knowledge. As a result, your online store will get a solid dose of reader friendly texts, written in the language of benefits, supplemented with commonly used phrases and keywords. For an e-shop, it is a milestone in reaching the target group.

Grow your business with e-multicontent!

The support of native speakers is invaluable in building an e-store as well as good relationships with customers. We have good news for you - our team consists only of such people. Every day, we produce texts for our clients in several dozen languages: from popular ones, such as English, Czech, German or French, through Croatian, Slovenian, Slovak, to those which are considered exotic in Europe, such as Turkish. We make sure that our multicultural team sells each product thanks to their linguistic skills mixed with the knowledge of marketing, SEO and PR.




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