Bimago x e-multicontent - case study

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Bimago x e-multicontent - case study
Bimago x e-multicontent - case study

More than 4,000 product and category descriptions in 6 different languages over a period of 18 months – this is a brief presentation of the activities carried out by the multilingual e-multicontent copywriting agency for bimago. The content we developed and produced was one of the most important elements of the brand's comprehensive SEO strategy and contributed to an increased visibility of the brand on the web. In some categories the traffic in 2021 increased 14 times as compared to 2020!

1. Cooperation background

Bimago is one of the leaders of the Polish e-commerce industry in the field of interior decoration, offering posters, paintings and wallpapers of the highest quality. The company was founded in 2004 and within 15 years of its existence, has evolved from a small, local art studio into an international brand with a global reach. Bimago’s customers now have more than 30,000 designs to choose from, carefully grouped into several hundred categories and subcategories. The store operates in 10 language versions, thanks to which bimago’s offer reaches more than 50 countries around the world.

The bimago brand consists of a team of excellent experts who have developed the highest standards of work in various areas over several years of business activity. This is evidenced by clear, refined, but also smoothly adapted to changing trends content marketing and SEO strategies. Due to the dynamic development and will to increase its reach on several foreign markets, the company needed support in the field of content creation in various languages. Thanks to the recommendation of one of our earlier business partners, the brand decided to start cooperating with us because we specialize in multilingual content for e-commerce. As a result,since July 2020, we have produced and delivered large packages of high quality product and category descriptions at regular intervals in 5languages: Polish, English, German, French and Italian. In September of the same year, the scope of our duties was broadened by description translations into Spanish.

2. Cooperation assumptions and objectives

Due to the comprehensive and global scope of business activity, as well as the characteristics of the e-commerce industry, the bimago brand pays great importance to the quality of content posted on their webpages. Therefore, it was not only the volume of the order that was of importance, but also the uniqueness and effectiveness of the content. According to Mateusz Kusz, Head of SEO of the bimago brand (artgeist): "The content marketing strategy combined with SEO is one ofthemost important elements related tothedevelopment of current e-commerce ventures on the market. These two elements, i.e. the Content and SEO, are aimed at achieving a joint scale effect in the long term. The content marketing strategy of bimago consists primarily in getting to know and defining our Customers. Thanks to the extensive knowledge about users, we know exactly what they expect from us, what content they are interested in, and what information is crucial for them in thepurchasing process." As a result of such an approach we were able to determine very precisely what texts should appear on the online store, their form, length and degree of saturation with key phrases. Pursuant to the assumptions of the bimago brand, the content developed and produced by e-multicontent had to be: unique, engaging, written in the language of benefits, and optimized for SEO. Our activities, being important support for a broader marketing strategy, were aimed at helping the Client achieve two most important goals: improve the position in search engine results and establish credibility with potential Customers.

3. The scope of cooperation and action strategy

Our cooperation with the bimago brand began in July 2020 and at the beginning it consisted in developing and producing basic product and category descriptions in 5 language versions (Polish, German, English, Italian, French). After two months, this group of languages was extended by Spanish. According to the agreement, the cooperation was long-term, and it was settled on a weekly basis. The developed schedule of activities assumed that each week we will provide the Client with a package of several to several dozen ready-made product or category descriptions in each of the 6 languages.

Number of contents prepared in each language
E-multicontent for bimago - the number of prepared content

We engaged a teamofour copywriters-nativespeakers - to work onthis project, because thanks to such an approach, we were able to guarantee greater work efficiency and the highest quality of texts. Creating content in the target languages instead of translating it from a pivot allowed us to work on shorter deadlines and deliver a complete package of ordered content at the same time. From the beginning of the cooperation, the Client provided us with very detailed SEO guidelines, including limits on the length of texts, key phrases in specific languages and the level of their saturation, as well as determined the headings. Our task was to fill this framework with substantive, and at the same time interesting content. Entrusting native speakers with the development and production of content turned out to be a good strategy, as such specialists know their own target market and consumer preferences best. What is more, the strategy adopted by us was in line with the Client’s vision, who pays great importance to adapting the content to the characteristics of a given market. As Marcin Halaś, Senior SEO Specialist of the bimago brand (artgeist) says: "Many companies claim that a product can be described in one, similar way, as long as correct language is used. Nevertheless, only precisely written content is able to create strong foundations for the development of organic traffic on foreign markets. That is why unique content developed specifically for a given language, country or geolocation plays such an important role in our activities aimed at positioning and creating content."

4. Cooperation outcomes

Our agency has been cooperating with the bimago brand for over 1.5 years and during that time we have managed to prepare 4046 unique, SEO-optimized product and category descriptions. Their length ranged from 1800 to 3600 characters with spaces, and all of them contain a descriptive and guide part, with arrangement tips for buyers of posters, paintings or wall murals. The content produced up till mid-March 2022, brakes down into the following languages:

  • 947 descriptions in Polish
  • 701 descriptions in French
  • 683 descriptions in German
  • 666 descriptions in English
  • 617 descriptions in Italian
  • 432 descriptions in Spanish (translations)

The descriptions produced by e-multicontent were part of a broad content marketing strategy of the brand and largely contributed to the increased visibility of the e-shop on the Internet. The action plan adopted by the Client, which consisted, among others, in regular publications of large batches of unique content in various languages, proved to be very effective, but it also showed some interesting trends. "When running content strategies in several markets, we could notice how the visibilityof thewebsite changed after descriptions were published on our pages. In a short period of time, we optimized content for the same category on several domains. We could see and compare movement changes in organic results. In Germany and Spain, we recorded increases of 45%, while in France and Italy, it was around 19%, while in Poland we recorded an increase of 5%.As indicated by the percentage data, the results of the actions taken are completely different, depending on the market. This is due to several factors, but the starting position in a given country and the specificity of the local e-commerce market were of the greatest importance. Poland already had quite strong starting positions due to previous optimization activities and the addition of additional, unique content resulted in the lowest increase. As far as Germany is concerned, the characteristics of the market have brought equally good results as in the case of the only emerging market, i.e. Spain",explains Kinga Wójcikowska, SEO Specialist of the bimago brand (artgeist). However, most important is the fact that in each target market the results have improved, which in turn proves that the creation of unique content is of great importance for companies wanting to develop in the e-commerce industry. Let the numbers and specific visibility results for selected product categories in the bimago online store be the proof of these words.

The Polish market -

In 2021, compared to 2020, the category of "Plakaty" on recorded an increase in traffic by 517%, the category of "Tapety" - an increase by 241%, and the category of "Obrazy" - an increase by 196%.

In 2021 compared to 2020, the "Plakaty" category saw a 517% increase in traffic, the "Tapety" category saw a 241% increase, and the "Obrazy" category saw a 196% increase
Categories with the highest increase of traffic on

In the “Plakaty” category, the greatest change and increase in traffic could be noticed in the “Plakaty kolorowe” subcategory (+1435%), in the “Obrazy” category the highest increase was in the “Obrazy nowoczesne” subcategory (+577%), while in the “Tapety” category - “Tapety Cegła i Mur” (+963%).

The most popular subcategories -
The most popular subcategories -

When it comes to foreign markets, for which we produced descriptions of products and categories, the largest increases in traffic (TOP3) in 2021, compared to 2020, are as follows:

The German market -

  • Fototapeten Moderne +712%
  • Fototapeten Geometrisch +200%
  • Fototapeten Pusteblumen +156%

Categories with the highest increase in traffic -
Categories with the highest increase in traffic -

The French market -

  • Reproductions Gustave Courbet +876%
  • Tableaux modernes avec oiseaux +842%
  • Reproductions Claude Monet +639%

Categories with the highest increase in traffic -
Categories with the highest increase in traffic -

The Italian market -

  • Carta da parati con magnolia +367%
  • Carta da parati scritte +240%
  • Carta parati astratta +150%

Categories with the highest increase in traffic -
Categories with the highest increase in traffic -

The UK market -

  • Flower Mural +943%
  • Landscapes Wall Murals +657%
  • Graffiti wall art +328%

Categories with the highest increase in traffic -
Categories with the highest increase in traffic -

The Spanish market -

  • Láminas del mar y temas marinos +1116%
  • Carteles metálicos +568%
  • Posters de patrones geométricos +171%

Categories with the highest increase in traffic -
Categories with the highest increase in traffic -

5. Summary

The bimago online store is one of the most important players on the Polish e-commerce market as far as interior decoration is concerned. On the one hand, it is due to the extremely rich and diverse offer, on the other – it is due to a very well thought out and consistently implemented marketing strategy, which includes intensive SEO and content activities. Since July 2020, our agency has been regularly supporting the bimago brand in its activities, providing the highest quality content in as many as 6 different languages. As a result, we help the Client in achieving the intended goals, continuous development and broadening the scope of business activity. Increasingly better results of search engine visibility of the entire store as well as individual categories, including increases of several hundred percent, prove that such a strategy gives considerable outcomes.

When it comes to the quality of the texts produced by our agency, as well as the entire cooperation with the bimago brand, the opinion of the Client himself, speaks volumes. This is what Mateusz Kusz, Head of SEO in artgeist said about us: "The teamate-multicontent deserves a high note not only for the efficiency of work, but also for the individual approach to our brand as a Client. Professionalism, easy and swift communication as well as response to the individual needs of bimago by the managerial staff as well as the copywriters- native speakers- allowed to establish partnership relations between our companies, as we all strived for a common goal. Very good Internet visibility results of the entire bimago store, greater satisfaction among our Consumers and appropriate and long-term strategic activities help us to effectively build the brand on international markets".

Experts quoted in the article
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