Cooperation with the CleanTech brand - 05.2020 - present

Industry: Automotive

copywriting, SEO and e-commerce


  • reaching new customers on the English, German, French, Romanian, Turkish and Slovak markets

  • increasing the reach on the English, German, French, Romanian, Turkish and Slovak markets

copywriting, SEO and e-commerce


  • development and production of content for the website in various languages (English, German, French, Romanian, Turkish and Slovak)

  • development of product descriptions and label content in various languages

  • production of subtitles for videos in various languages

  • development and production of content for the Arabic version of the website

  • production of content for the catalogue intended for the Czech market

copywriting, SEO and e-commerce


  • increased visibility of e-shop products in the search results of Google and other search engines.

  • purchasing decisions made easier thanks to detailed product and category descriptions.

  • reaching new customers on foreign markets.

Case study

CleanTech is a young, dynamic brand, founded by true car and auto-detailing enthusiasts. The company has everything you need to keep your car in pristine condition in its offer: cleaning products, care products, as well as a number of accessories. The brand took its first steps in the industry on the Polish market, but now it operates dynamically in many European countries. However, the company's ambitions go far beyond our continent, as evidenced by the demand for content in more exotic languages than English or German.

We started our cooperation with the CleanTech brand in May 2020, and with each subsequent quarter it has developed naturally. The client decided to entrust us with increasingly demanding projects, because we are able to provide excellent quality texts in many different languages in a short time. Until now, our tasks have included developing and producing content for the website, product descriptions and labels in English, German, French, Slovak, Romanian and Turkish. We also had the opportunity to develop foreign-language descriptions for videos and translate the content of catalogues into Czech. One of the biggest challenges so far has been to create an Arabic version of the website, but we believe that equally ambitious tasks are still ahead of us.

Content completed for the client:

I highly recommend the e-multicontent agency. The content in all languages is of very high quality and is adapted to foreign markets. A professional and communicative team ensures that they are always delivered on time.

*Tomasz Król CEO / Co-Owner, CleanTech Company Sp. z o. o.